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10/24/2021Rev. David A. Johnson You Can't Earn What You Already Have (21-10-24_DAJ_CantEarnAlreadyHave.mp3)
Sunday Service Luke 19:45-46
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08/22/2021Rev. David A. Johnson Yes, This Will Be on the Test (21-08-22_DAJ_YesThisWillBeOnTheTest.mp3)
Sunday Service Luke 17:1-10
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07/25/2021Rev. David A. Johnson Yes, He Said it! (21-25-07_DAJ_YesHeSaidIt.mp3)
Sunday Service Luke 25-34
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03/24/2019Dr. David Smethurst Winning Friends for Christ (DrDavidSmethurst-032419.mp3)
Sunday Service
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11/14/2021Rev. David A. Johnson Who Jesus Full and Truly Is (21-11-20_DAJ_WhoJesusFullandTrulyIs.mp3)
Sunday Service Colossians 1:13-19
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08/29/2021Rev. Rick Porter Who Is This? (21-08-29_RP_WhoIsThis.mp3)
Sunday Service Mark 4:35 - 5:20
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