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06/07/2015Rev. David A. Johnson "A Call to Stay in the Game" (DAJ-060715-Sermon.mp3)
Sunday Service Acts 1:1-8
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06/14/2015Rev. David A. Johnson "Full of the Holy Spirit" (DAJ-061415-Sermon.mp3)
Sunday Service Acts 6:1-6
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06/21/2015Rev. David A. Johnson "Barnabas" (DAJ-062115-Sermon.mp3)
Sunday Service Acts 11:22-26
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06/28/2015Rev. David A. Johnson "The Person and Purpose of the Holy Spirit" (DAJ-062815-Sermon.mp3)
Sunday Service Galatians 5:5-6
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07/05/2015Rev. David A. Johnson "In Step with the Spirit" (DAJ-070515-Sermon.mp3)
Sunday Service Galatians 5:22=26
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07/12/2015Rev. David A. Johnson "From Faith to Faith" (DAJ-071215-Sermon.mp3)
Sunday Service Romans 1:8-17
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