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06/26/2022Rev. David A. Johnson "A Responsive Remnant" (22_6_26DAJ_AResponsiveRemant.mp3)
Sunday Service Isaiah 8:9-14A
Download 22_6_26DAJ_AResponsiveRemant.mp3
06/19/2022Rev. David A. Johnson "Believing Before Seeing is Believing" (22_6_19_DAJ_BelievingBeforeSeeingIsBelieving.mp3)
Sunday Service Joshua 6:1-7
Download 22_6_19_DAJ_BelievingBeforeSeeingIsBelieving.mp3
05/29/2022Rev. David A. Johnson "How to Make Ready for a Challenge" (22 22_5_29_DAJ_HowToMakeReadyForAChallenge.mp3)
Sunday Service Joshua 3:1-6
Download 22 22_5_29_DAJ_HowToMakeReadyForAChallenge.mp3
05/22/2022Rev. David A. Johnson "Why Rahab? (22 22_5_22_DAJ_WhyRahab_.mp3)
Sunday Service Joshua 2:8-14
Download 22 22_5_22_DAJ_WhyRahab_.mp3
05/15/2022Rev. David A. Johnson "Seeking God's Sovereignty" (22 22_5_15_DAJ_SeekingGod'sSovereignty.mp3)
Sunday Service Joshua 2:1-7
Download 22 22_5_15_DAJ_SeekingGod'sSovereignty.mp3
05/08/2022Rev. David A. Johnson "Listen and Repeat" (22_5_8_ListenAndRepeat_DAJ.mp3)
Sunday Service Joshua 1:8-18
Download 22_5_8_ListenAndRepeat_DAJ.mp3

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