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02/21/2021Rev. David A. Johnson "A Deliberate Mercy" (21-02-21_DAJ_ADeliberateMercy.mp3)
Sunday Service John 15:1-4
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02/14/2021Rev. David A. Johnson "From Winter Into Spring" (DAJ_21-02-14_FromWinterIntoSpring.mp3)
Sunday Service John 15:1-4
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02/07/2021Rev. David A. Johnson "Our Reminder to Remember" (DAJ_21-02-07_ReminderToRemember.mp3)
Sunday Service John 14:25-31
Download DAJ_21-02-07_ReminderToRemember.mp3
01/31/2021Rev. David A. Johnson "The Helper" (21-01-31_DAJ_TheHelper.mp3)
Sunday Service John 14:16-23
Download 21-01-31_DAJ_TheHelper.mp3
01/24/2021Rev. David A. Johnson "Our Unopened Gift" (21-01-24_DAJ_UnopenedGift.mp3)
Sunday Service John 14:15-21
Download 21-01-24_DAJ_UnopenedGift.mp3
01/17/2021Rev. David A. Johnson "The Work of the Holy Spirit" (21-01-17_DAJ_"The Work of the Holy Spirit".mp3)
Sunday Service Isaiah 63:7-14
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