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10/17/2021Rev. David A. Johnson Of Gifts & Obligations (21-10-17_DAJ_OfGifts&Obligations.mp3)
Sunday Service Luke 19:11-15
Download 21-10-17_DAJ_OfGifts&Obligations.mp3
10/10/2021Rev. David A. Johnson The Saved Join the Savior (21-10-10_DAJ_TheSavedJoinTheSavior.mp3)
Sunday Service Luke 19:1-10
Download 21-10-10_DAJ_TheSavedJoinTheSavior.mp3
10/03/2021Dr. Paul Borthwick Mission 3:16 (21-10-03_DPB_John316.mp3)
Sunday Service John 3:16
Download 21-10-03_DPB_John316.mp3
09/19/2021Rev. David A. Johnson Jesus' Call to the Child-Like (21-09-19_DAJ_JesusCallToTheChild-Like.mp3)
Sunday Service Luke 18:15-17
Download 21-09-19_DAJ_JesusCallToTheChild-Like.mp3
09/12/2021Rev. David A. Johnson Praying as Time Passes (21-09-12_DAJ_PrayingAsTimePasses.mp3)
Sunday Service Luke 18:1-8
Download 21-09-12_DAJ_PrayingAsTimePasses.mp3
09/05/2021Rev. David A. Johnson The Kingdom of God is Here (21-09-05_DAJ_TheKingdomOfGodIsHere.mp3)
Sunday Service Luke 17:20-21
Download 21-09-05_DAJ_TheKingdomOfGodIsHere.mp3

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