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03/26/2023Rev. David A. Johnson The Weak and The Strong (22_3_26_TheWeakAndTheStrong.m4a)
Sunday Service Luke 18:15-28
22_3_26_TheWeakAndTheStrong.m4a Download 22_3_26_TheWeakAndTheStrong.m4a
03/19/2023Rev. David A. Johnson "Parables on Prayer" (23_3_19_DAJ_ParablesOnPrayer.mp3)
Sunday Service Luke 18:1-14
Download 23_3_19_DAJ_ParablesOnPrayer.mp3
03/12/2023Rev. David A. Johnson "Prayers Jesus Prayed" (23 23_3_12_DAJPrayersJesusPrayed.mp3)
Sunday Service John 17
Download 23 23_3_12_DAJPrayersJesusPrayed.mp3
03/05/2023Rev. David A. Johnson Stories Jesus Told (23 23_3_5_DAJ_StoriesJesusTold.mp3)
Sunday Service Luke 19:11-26
Download 23 23_3_5_DAJ_StoriesJesusTold.mp3
02/19/2023Rev. David A. Johnson Praise and Worship Service (Praise_Worship_Service.mp3)
Sunday Service Nehemiah 12:27-43
Download Praise_Worship_Service.mp3
02/12/2023Rev. David A. Johnson Dare to Be Different (23_2_12_DAJ_DareToBeDifferent.mp3)
Sunday Service Nehemiah 10:28-30
Download 23_2_12_DAJ_DareToBeDifferent.mp3

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