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09/20/2020Rev. David A. Johnson "Trusting or Trembling" (Sermon & Close)
Sunday Service Isaiah 7:1-9
Download 20-09-20_Sermon_DAJ.mp3
09/06/2020Rev. David A. Johnson "Our Hope Will Happen!" (Sermon)
Sunday Service Isaiah 2:1-5
Download 20-09-06_Sermon_DAJ.mp3
08/30/2020Rev. David A. Johnson "Isaiah: The 5th Gospel" (Sermon & Closing Song)
Sunday Service Isaiah 1:1-6
Download 2020-08-30_Sermon_DAJ.mp3
08/23/2020Rev. David A. Johnson "Character One Can Wait On" (Sermon & Closing Song)
Sunday Service Ruth 3:18
Download 2020-08-23_Sermon_DAJ.mp3
08/16/2020Rev. David A. Johnson "Character Cares" (Sermon & Closing Song)
Sunday Service Ruth 3:1-5
Download DAJ_2020-08-16_Sermon.mp3
08/09/2020Rev. David A. Johnson "Walking into His Will" (Sermon & Closing Song)
Sunday Service Ruth 2:1-9
Download DAJ_2020-08-09_Sermon.mp3

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