Mom to Mom Ministry

“teach the older women to . . . teach what is good.  Then they can train the younger women to love their husbands and children.”   Titus 2:3–4 

Dear Moms,

We are in the third year of our Mom to Mom program at Grace Church. Our curriculum is called, “Inside Out Parenting: A Mom's Mission by Linda Schultz Anderson. It is a biblically based curriculum designed to take a close look at what God's Word has to say about our mission as moms—and what that looks like for 21st-century moms. As we explore God's Word together, we will gain godly mom-confidence in a confused world, learn to create contagious Christian community amidst a chaotic culture, and grow in our ability to build Christlike character in our kids.   *Click on the photo of Linda Anderson at the bottom of the page to see the trailer to this series.

I want to invite any woman who is a mom and wants some encouragement and Godly insight to be a part of this study on the *first Friday of every month for this next year. The study begins at 5:30 with dinner and ends at 7:00.  Please sign up on the bulletin board if you're interested in attending or email me at



On October 6th, our lesson is, " Not “Normal” (like Me): Creating Grace-Based Community amidst Diversity." As we learn to understand, embrace, and even celebrate our differences, we can model—and live—grace-based community in our homes.




                                                  "Inside Out Parenting: A Mom's Mission" trailer

                                                        ~A biblically-based parenting program~